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Autumn Collections featured flavors

I don't know a single person who isn't obsessed with one or more of the popular fall flavors. 

I mean, what is better than a caramel apple? Or a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie? Nothing. 

The trick is to capture those flavors at their peak and whip them up into a delicious ganache to be en-robed in the highest quality chocolate I can find. I think I succeeded with this collection.

I mean, is it even Fall if you don't have pumpkin flavored everything? The first featured flavor in this box is our Pumpkin-Caramel truffle. The caramel is gooey without being to runny or too stiff. It has a nice slow melt on your tongue and packs a delicious true pumpkin punch. It is en-robed in a swiss milk chocolate shell.

The next featured flavor is our Sea-Salt Caramel. This one is a crowd favorite and has even brought home 2 awards from the International Chocolate Salon! Its so good we cover 1 in milk chocolate, and 1 in dark chocolate so you can decide which is better.

Caramel Apple. Just imagine biting into that crisp green apple covered in ooey- gooey caramel at the county fair. We have recreated this same flavor, en-robed it in swiss milk chocolate, and topped it with edible gold glitter. I'm pretty sure even Granny Smith would love this truffle.

Hatch Green Chile and Pinon Nut. This is another award winner and one of my proudest flavor discoveries. I grew up in rural northern New Mexico and you can't live in NM without being completely obsessed with the Hatch Green Chile. This truffle takes green chile infused cream and adds it to 62% Satilia dark chocolate from Valhrona. One sweet roasted Pinon nut is placed on top for the perfect combination. It provides a little bit of heat without being overpowering while bringing ALL the flavor.

Our last featured flavor with this collection is the Lemon Basil. Cream is infused with fresh basil (from my garden) and lemon peel. This combination of flavors adds a layer of depth to your chocolate experience and is best enjoyed when you have the time to discover the nuances of the flavors being discovered on your tongue.

The rest of the Autumn Collection is just as tasty as these ones listed above. The rest of the box includes

Biscoff, Orange Creme, Layered Raspberry, Peanut Roche, Gingerbread, Salty Pretzel Hazelnut, Peanut Butter Cup, Yuzu, Red Currant with Milk, and Butterscotch Banana.

I really hope you enjoy this collection as much as I do. Happy apple picking, pumpkin carving, leaf crunching, AUTUMN TIME!!

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