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HI! I am Echo Allred. I make all of my handmade, organic chocolates in my home chocolate studio in a lush, forested area of beautiful Stafford, Virginia.

I am a musician’s wife, mother of three amazing kids, and have a Bachelors degree in Exercise and Sports Science from BYU-Hawaii. A Professional Chocolatier certificate from Ecole Chocolat. Along with a Business Program Certificate from Ensign College.

The idea for Echo Chocolate came at a turning point in my life as my youngest child started school. I found myself talking to my mom about what the next move could be in life now that my kids were in school all day. We began talking about things we love and the conversation turned to chocolate and the memories we have dipping chocolates as a family at my grandmother’s home.

Shortly after, both my mom and I enrolled in an online chocolate school and we were able to send each other samples, compare notes, and support each other through the program. Upon graduating with honors as a Certified Professional Chocolatier from Ecole Chocolat on April 8, 2016, and after completing the Self-Reliance Program Business Certificate from Ensign College, Echo Chocolate was born.

I like to think of my creations as “happy chocolate” as each piece is made with every ounce of my heart, soul, and creativity. I am often found singing to my chocolate and I like to think that is the secret ingredient. I love seeing people’s faces as they enjoy my treats and feeling the true connection that comes from giving my love and joy through something handmade. I love delivering happiness to people through innovating new flavors and the artwork that goes into the process.

In 2020, my Dark Chocolate Sea-Salt Caramel won the Gold Medal award for Best Luxury Caramel. The Raspberry Jalapeno bonbon won the Silver Medal for Best Spicy Chocolate. Both awards were from the International Chocolate Salon which ranks me as a 4 STAR chocolatier and am ranked among the Best Chocolatiers in America. 

In my free time, you can find me taking my kids to historic sites, singing with my husband at various venues, hiking with friends, and dancing in the kitchen while inventing new chocolate flavor combinations.